Name: Claudio Nicolás Leocata

Birth date: March 2, 1995

Birthplace: Argentina

Race number: 95

Nico is a young man that has dedicated most of his life to do what he loves the most, motocross. At the young age of 6, he started his professional career and soon became a top rider, as his speed and technique were unique.

With guidance and lessons from his very first coaches, professional motocross racer Ocean Verdu, and later on Goyo Martinez, Nicolas earned multiple championships in his home country, Argentina, maintaining a strict practice routine to improve his riding.

In 2008, he moved to the United States with his mother and manager Norma, to make progress in his career and be the best he can be.

Thanks to the discipline, tenacity, very hard work and passion he has for this sport, he now is one of the top amateur riders in the US.

And this is just the beginning of a very promising future for this young athlete that has been born to race.

Ocean Verdu - Argentina

Jordi Arcarons - Spain

2002/03 until 2008
Goyo Martinez - Bariloche, Argentina

Harry Everts and Stefan Everts - Spain

Grant Langston - USA

2010 to September 2011
Colleen Millsaps (MTF) - USA

MX Buenos Aires 50 CC Champion /  "Honda Cup" 50 CC A Champion

MX Buenos Aires 80 CC Champion  /  "Honda Cup" 50 CC B Champion

MX Nationals, 50 CC (CAMOD) Second Place  /  MX Buenos Aires 80 CC Champion

MX Buenos Aires 80 CC Champion

MX Nationals, 80 CC (CAMOD) Champion  /  "Honda Cup" 80 CC Champion

MX Nationals, 80 CC (CAMOD) Champion  /  MX Buenos Aires 125 CC Champion

Latin American Championship, Uruguay - #5

Juniors 125 CC World Championship, France - #15